Google launched a free music cloud storage service aimed aga

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Google launched a free music cloud storage service aimed aga

Postby Admin » Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:47 am

Google was scheduled to be held in New York this week, a conference to launch music service scans and matching functionality, Google Play entertainment media services as well as part of the upgrade the latest version of the Android operating system, but because of the hurricane "Sandy" (Sandy) of struck, Google was forced to cancel the conference.

Last month, the U.S. technology media CNET has reported that Google is trying to get published online music services, scanning and matching the needs of the various license file. Google on Monday in the official blog that the company will be held on November 13 in Europe, the first to introduce this feature, then this feature will be extended to the USA.

Scanning and matching capabilities to help users is primarily a music stored on a computer server hosting process. Moreover, the service allows the user to stream the music in the form transmitted to the user via the Internet used by the music player. Scanning and matching a major advantage is that users do not have to like before you can only upload a song to hosting server.

In fact, today's online music field competition has been fierce, many companies are stepping up the arms race and strive to provide users with cheaper music content and more convenient service. Apple, Amazon and Google are hoping to include scanning and matching service, including many aspects ahead of other rivals. Currently, Google in terms of price advantage, because the company has announced that it will provide this functionality to users free of charge.

CNET last month there was news that Google will be free to provide this functionality, while Apple and Amazon music service scanning and matching service will be charged an annual fee of about $ 25. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to launch scanning and matching functionality, Google announced that it will launch in Europe Google Play store and start allowing Canada, UK, France, Spain and Australia and other countries users purchase online movies.

It is reported that Google has had with one of the three largest record company Warner Music Group (Warner Music Group) agreement, thus breaking the two sides lasted nearly a year of deadlock. Up to now, Google has to do with all the world's major music companies have established a cooperative relationship. In our contract took effect, the user will be able to buy on Google Play more singers and band music.
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